Bectochem is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical process equipment for solid and liquid dosage forms in India. With 30 years of experience, the company offers a well established products which includes granulation, coating, liquid and ointment manufacturing equipment and has grown to become the major supplier of Isolator Technology of Slottica-casino in India. In addition to our pharmaceutical machines we also supply to chemical, food and cosmetic industries with a range of process machinery.Bectochem's product range is to be found in facilities across 5 continents.As we look forward to the challenges of the growing domestic and international markets for processing equipment, it is our desire to adhere to our founding principles"To provide continuous improvement in our quality and customer satisfaction, supplying at the right cost giving value for money with fast manufacturing lead times."


Formed in 1978 with various milestones in-terms of Technology-Tie-ups gives a complete process solution from start to end with four manufacturing Facilities in India :-

“Bectochem Loedige Process Technology Pvt. Ltd”:-  This is a Joint Venture with the German Major “Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH”. Handles mainly Granulation Process Equipments and entails the manufacture and supply of High Shear Mixer Granulators, Fluid Bed Driers & Processors, Ploughshare Mixers, Auto-coaters, Continuous Granulation, Blenders, Tray Driers, Sifters, Mills etc.. under Technology transfer from Germany. Critical components are imported from parent company to ensure performance matches with Europe made machine. German team in India ensures quality and performance meet German standards. This unit also caters to Cosmetics, Chemicals, Fine Chemicals and other allied Industries other than the Pharmaceutical Industry. (This factory - UNIT – 1 is in Ankleshwar)

“Bectochem Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.” [ANKLESHWAR PLANT] – This division handles Containment (Hazardous/Potent drug manufacturing projects) i.e. Rigid Isolators for various hazardous processes, Contained granulation suites, Split valves and RTPs, Material Handling Projects and Solutions like Pneumatic Conveying, Vacuum Conveying, Chain Conveyors, Monorails, Silos, Discharge Stations, Big Bags for Raw Material Conveying, Hydraulic Lifting Columns etc. (This Factory - Unit 2 - is in Ankleshwar)

“Bectoflex Containment Systems Pvt. Ltd.” – This is a Joint Venture with the Irish “Company Containment Service Providers Co. Ltd (CSP) From Ireland.  It manufactures Flexible Isolators and Containment Solutions as well as Flexible Canopies for Dust Containment. (This Factory - Unit 3 - is in Ankleshwar)

“Bectochem Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.” [PUNE PLANT] – This division handles Process Equipments manufacture and entails the manufacture and supply of Process Plants like Cream and Ointment Mfg. Plants, Liquid Oral Syrup Mfg. Plants, Reactors, Tanks, Process Vessels, Rotocone Vacuum Dryers, Vertical (Nauta) Dryers, Homogenisers etc. This unit also caters to Cosmetics, Chemicals, Fine Chemicals and other allied Industries other than the Pharmaceutical and API Industries. (This Factory - Unit 4 - is in Pune).

“Bectochem RML Automation Pvt. Ltd.” – This is a Joint Venture with a New Zealand based Company called RML Engineering. It Offers Secondary Packaging machines and Solutions and entails the manufacture and supply of Case Erectors, Case Packers, Cartoners, Automatic Case Packing Lines, Robotic Pick and Place solutions etc. to various Industrial Domains. (This Factory - Unit 5 - is in Pune).

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