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Our Products

  • Rotocone Vaccum Dryer (RCVD)
  • Homogenizer
  • Vertical Cone Blender
  • Contra-Rotary Mixer
  • Multi-Purpose Mixer
  • Ointment/Liquid Manufacturing Plant
  • Reactor


Rotocone vacuum dryer is suitable for drying of materials which cannot resist high temperature, material which are easily oxidized, volatile materials which should be retrieved, materials which are strong irritants.

The RCVD facilitates enhanced drying efficiency, low temperature operations and economy of process by total solvent recovery. It helps GMP based working by achieving optimum dust control, while offering advantages of efficient charging and discharging of material. The drying unit equipped with lump breakers initially breaks large lumps and subsequently powders them. The rotary action of the dryer together with mechanical action of the breakers, cuts down drying time and gives a lump free product.

RCVD is best suited for drying materials that are not capable of resisting high temperature levels and materials that are poisonous and strong irritants. These are also useful in averting oxidized and volatile materials that require to be retrieved. The equipment is ideally operated under vacuum.

Salient Features :

 •  GMP Unit , ideal for Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Food Industry.

 •  Good for powder/granules, free flowing material.

 •  Drying at lower temperature under vacuum.

 •  Good solvent recovery.

 •  Rapid and complete discharge.

 •  Closed system – Automatic charging & discharging.

 •  Provision of sampling port without breaking vacuum.

 •  Provision for Lump breaker.

 •  Provision for N2 pulsing & purging arrangement.



Special Features Of Bectochem RCVD


     In earlier design of the RCVD spiral stiffeners were welded on the main shell to strengthen the mail shell. The bulging of the jacket and main shell during the running operation was minimized due to stay pipe design.


    Garlock seal design incorporated to eliminate the chances of the black particle from the vacuum pipe.


    To increase the strength of both side shaft, a solid round rod is machined which gives more rigidity.


    Developed rotary seal design for better performance and economy.


    We have incorporated online sampling valve in the RCVD discharge side cone which enables for the online collection of the product sample without break in the vacuum.


Homogenizers are the device to form homogeneous solutions or dispersions of two different phases or even similar phases viz. liquid-liquid mixing and dispersion, liquid-solid dispersion and liquid-gas dispersion.

It is an equipment by which a mixture is made uniform throughout its volume. Mainly used for liquid mixtures that contain one or more immiscible components. Size reduction takes place due to the forcing of particles through the narrow openings of the grating. The resulting mixture is more stable and the particles will not separate out.

Industries Catered : Pharmaceutical,Chemical,Food,Cosmetic,FMCG,Etc

Application: Emulsification, Disintegration, Dissolution, Dispersion and Homogenization.

We offer following Homogenizers:

  1. Inline Homogenizer
  2. In tank Homogenizer
  3. Bottom Entry Homogenizer



  • This device allows to micronize and scatters the particle suspended in the fluid, so that the product become highly stable.
  • It has stator rotor arrangement and no. of stator and rotor can be increased based on application.
  • This can be used in applications such as Emulsifying, Homogenizing, and particle size reduction.


  • In tank homogenizer’s stator rotor work heads divides the machine into two separate chambers one with the inlet and other with the outlet.
  • The stator is available with perforations of different size and shapes.

       .  It is mounted inside the tank and unit is suitable for blending, mixing, solid disintegrations and suspensions


  • Bottom entry mixers are designed to fit into the bottom or side of a mixing vessel.
  • These high shear mixers are typically used in conjunction with the slow speed anchor stirrer for high viscosity products.


VCB offer mixing in three dimensions. They are used for simple dry blending to complex vacuum drying operation. The tri blending action helps to achieve through mixing within short cycle time. The mixing screw moves the material upward in spiral motion. The upward motion is then combined with internal motion around its periphery of vessel walls. Finally the lifted material are cascaded from the top of the screw & flow down away from the screw to complete the mixing pattern.

Salient Features :

A. Typical blending time is ½ of conventional blenders.

B. Complete discharge through bottom valve.

C. Gentle mixing, hence does not degrade sensitive raw material.

D. Provision for inclusion of chopper.

Industries Catered :
Pharmaceutical  API ,Chemical, Fertilizer ,etc

The working principle of the conical Vertical Blender mixer is three-dimensional, originated from rotating elements in combination with a conical vessel.

1. The mixing screw conveys the product from bottom of the vessel to the product surface.

2. The central arm orbits the mixing screw along the inner vessel wall causing convective mixing of particles and shear.

3. The speed of particles in the downward mass flow when re circulated by gravity in a conical vessel increases as the vessel diameter decreases.

4. The result of these simultaneous actions is a fast and intensive mixing with low consumption of power together with high standards of mixing accuracy.


Works on the principle of Contra rotation of Blades for simultaneous beating and scraping operation. This Mixer is mostly use in Toothpaste manufacturing Plants, Creams, Viscous products, Cosmetics.

It consist of paddle type agitator and anchor agitator with scrapper. Paddle type agitator are provided on the central shaft and rotates in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

Contra rotary mixer is provided with jacket arrangement for cooling as well as heating purpose and also provided with a conical cover to avoid dusting and spillage. It is also provided with the hydraulic lifting and lowering arrangement if required. The operations that carried out in CRM are as follows mixing, emulsifying creams, Ointments, paste, Powders, wet mass , kneading etc.



Bectochem  offers Contra- Rotary Mixer precise control of shear energy introduction and therefore accurate control over particles and droplet size. 
The Homogenize is composed of an internal rotor-stator  tool with Multipule stage 
The oil and water phase mixes have exactly the same construction. 
There's a high speed disperser mounted from the top / bottom  are In line of the cover which helps to dissolve the ingredients. 


How Bulk density powder to be Insert in vessel into liquid from Bottom of Vessel.

Semi Multi Purpose Mixer 

Bectochem Homogenizer composed of an internal rotor-stator colloid tool, ensures excellent dispersal of droplet and particles efficiently. 
With Bectochem's SemiuniProserve, time for Homogenization are considerably shorter the smooth product design reduces wear on the parts, thus increasing their lifetime. 

Sterring and Mixing Purpose

Bectochem Pharmaceutical specialist have years of experience solving problems related to liquid processes. Highly polished finishes on parts and attention to validation paperwork is given to satisfy all necessary industry requirements.

From the largest national Bectochem companies to the smallest pharmaceutical gel cap manufacturers for vitamins, customers have relied on Bectochem for their essential plant and process requirement. with highly effective Agitetor to be Installed to get Mixing in less time and Better Quality.Zero dead leg aseptic design of bottom outlet valve.

 •  Calibrated full view glass for the blending vessel.

 •  CIP & SIP style design vessel, fitting & piping.

 •  Volume monitoring by load cells.

 •  Process Automation.

 •  nbuilt CIP-SIP provided.

 A.  Zero dead leg aseptic design of bottom outlet valve.

 B.  Calibrated full view glass for the blending vessel.

 C.  CIP & SIP style design vessel, fitting & piping.

 D.  Volume monitoring by load cells.

 E.  Process Automation.

 F.  Steri connection flanges to avoid product contamination.

 G.  Inbuilt CIP-SIP provided.


Bectochem offers-

 1.  Our agitator is low power consuming with variation in RPM 24 to 60 RPM with the help of VFD.

 2.  The supplementary agitator with cowl or propeller, paddle, hydrofoil. In tank and PBT.                     

 3.  The supplementary agitator rotary at 200 rpm to 1440 rpm with VFD.

 4.  The agitator have multiple storage as per capacity our requirement.

 5.  Bectochem gives spring loaded scrapper arrangement or main agitator (Anchor)

 6.  In multipurpose mixers, we have two options- 1. Inline Homogenizers 2. In tank Homogenizers

 7.  Bectochem offer ATEX certified and “C” certifications as per European guidelines

 8.  Bectochem offers 1 Kg to 10000 Kg multipurpose mixers.


Liquid Line-Turkey Project

With 30 years of experience Bectochem produces a well established equipment for Liquid / Ointment /Cream
process and has grown to become the major supplier to the Food & Cosmetic Industry.

Bectochem manufactures the equipments required in Liquid/ Ointment/ Cream process. Mixers with various
provisions i.e. Anchor, Cowl, PBT assembly. Mixers with hydraulic lifting arrangement provision and also
provides the touch screen centralized control panel to control the entire plant. above glimpse itself indicates all
the assembly provide by Bectochem in Liquid/ Ointment/ Cream industry.

More Automation with SCADA Controlled System.





Reactor is a complete system. This includes the reactor vessel, supporting stand, agitation assembly (magnetic stirrer, drive motor, belt, belt guard, impeller and digital tachometer), multiple process connections, drain, sample tube, temperature sensor, cooling coil and rupture disc assembly. Heating system and controls are optional.

Bectochem Offers range of reactors with different types of Agitators as per process requirements.





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