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Our Products

  • Cartoning Machine – Blister, Sachets and Bottles.
  • Warehouse automation
  • High Speed Bottle Case Packer
  • Palletizer
  • Box Case Packer

Cartoning machine is something which is readily available as a standard product in the market. But with the standard machine comes in a bunch of sacrifices to be made. BAR as a company has expertise in custom building a cartoning machine with respect to your needs. These machines are capable to handle a large array of products and different product configurations. We have had experience in cartoning of arguably all the major product configurations be it sachets, blisters or even bottles. These cartoning machines not only save a huge chunk of manual interference but also are reliable in terms of packaging accuracy. Consumer or market complaints in terms of packaging when packed with a cartoning machine will be equal to none. Repacking and packaging material wastage will also be minimized over the period of time


Automated guided vehicles

AGV systems allow companies to reduce their labour and maintenance costs while also removing costs associated with product or plant damage. These factors alone can often result in payback periods of 2 years or less. With increasing requirements to ensure work environments are safe, the integrated safety of AGVs allow them to safely coexist with people. AGVs are the most flexible of automated solutions. With no large infrastructure requirements the AGVs can be easily reprogrammed should the layout or task requirements change. An AGV solution is future proofed as it allows greater flexibility to add additional vehicles as production requirements increase. AGV solutions have the ability to provide inventory tracking with no destination errors. Just-InTime delivery is possible with centralised coordination and shared workflows. Headquartered in Hamilton, New Zealand with an India based joint venture Bector Automation RML facility RML have been delivering quality, innovative, production line solutions to our customers for over 30 years. The RML and Egemin partnership developed over a decade ago when we brought the first Egemin system to Australasia in 2005. Since then RML has built up a wealth of expertise that allow us to scope, implement and support our AGV systems. As a proven and trusted partner of Egemin, RML’s team of engineers can bring the best technology from the rest of the world and ensure it works downunder. RML Engineering’s capabilities outside of AGVs give our customers reassurance that whatever need arises we are the system integrators who can make it work. With our robotic and automation background, in-house design team, full fabrication workshop, as well as project management and service divisions we have the knowledge and capabilities to make your project an ongoing success.


This machine is designed to cater 200 Bottles/min input and has following unique features –

  •  Bottles with Outserter pasted on cap.
  •  Dual Servo driven 2 Axis robots for collation and matrix formation – to cater 200 bpm synchronized servo robots are used.
  •  Separate 2 Axis servo Gantry for pick and place of bottle matrix.
  • Unique Pick head which holds bottle on body keeping can and outserter without any machine part contact.
  • Separate pick and place for layer board (Separator boards) – This is sequential operation layer boards to be placed at bottom of case then on top of bottle matrix.  Fully automatic Medication guides insertion system – This includes Medication guide magazine, conveying and matrix chamber, specially designed pick head and pick and place system.
  • Taping station.

This machine has inbuilt modem for remote access, that is additional facility to monitor operations and immediate support.

Machine is made compatible with communications to any in house ERP system & 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.


Industry 4.0 brought with it rapid technological advancements in robotic industry. These High speed robots have capacity to handle multiple packaging lines for palletizing. A palletizer alongside eliminating the man force involved in respective lines also records the data of the contents going on pallets. A modern day robot has a capability to handle 4 Lines in a compact layout. An option for gantry type of palletizer is also in lines with limited foot print and low speeds.

With the oncoming regulatory rules in the global market traceability of the products has been a huge concern for manufacturers. The case packers by BAR can be equipped with a new track & trace system or can also be integrated with an existing system. These case packers have flexibility to handle multiple product sizes in various configurations.

Based on the product and the product configuration in the case, case packers can be of 4 types.

1. Top Load Case Packer

2. Bottom Load Case Packer

3. Side Load Case Packer

4. Wrap Around case Packer.

An economic solution for case packing can also be looked into incase of lines with low speed or inadequate footprints.


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