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about us

Bectochem Consultants & Engineers Private Limited, one of the preferred suppliers
for Process Equipment’s & Material Handling Systems in the Food, Agro, Chemical,
Cosmetics and Pharma sector.

BCEPL’ Material Handling Team is known for,

       1. Customer Centric approach to design and process automisation.

       2.  Ability to think out of the box and engineer solutions around existing and new plants.

       3. Solution provider for tricky materials.

       4.  “Never Say Die” spirit

       5. We are proud to share the information that our highly technological products have been

       6. performing in various Industries & recommended by the experts.

      7.  API

      8. HORMONES

      9. ONCOLOGY

     10. CHEMICAL

     11.  FOOD & COSMETICS

     12. STERILE

Factory growth

Success in a highly competitive market in world level

MHS Participations

Bectochem is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical process equipment for solid and liquid dosage forms in India. With 30 years of experience, the company offers a well established products which includes granulation, coating, liquid and ointment manufacturing equipment and has grown to become the major supplier of Isolator Technology in India. In addition to our pharmaceutical machines we also supply to chemical, food and cosmetic industries with a range of process machinery.Bectochem's product range is to be found in facilities across 5 continents.As we look forward to the challenges of the growing domestic and international markets for processing equipment, it is our desire to adhere to our founding principles"To provide continuous improvement in our quality and customer satisfaction, supplying at the right cost giving value for money with fast manufacturing lead times.

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