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  • Filling Station
  • Pnuematic Conveying
  • Raw Material Handling
  • Storage

The Big bag (FIBC) Filling Station 

In todays industrial environment the importance of Big Bags or FIBCs is ever increasing.

FIBC allow the plant to handle material in a cost effective and efficient way.                             

Powder filling systems for FIBC allow the plant to fill powders in a dosed and

accurate manner.The filling system is able to handle bags from 300-1500 kg

and can be used to accurately dose fluffy, hygroscopic or poor flowing material.

With the use of bottom placed or vertical hung load cells the system in sync with

its controller and dosing device is able to reach accuracies of 200g. The system

can be designed to a customer’s specific product nature, Bag Size and operational environment.


1.  Cost-effective version

2.  Accessible from multiple sides

3.  Suitable for Different Big bag sizes.

4.  Integration of a platform or overhead scales possible

5.  Access for hand palette trucks is achievable.

6.  FIBC / Big Bag Vibrating or Shaking Features 

7.  Four-sided Flexible or Rigid Enclosure for dust control and operator protection.

8. Dust Collector Provision and connections possible.

9.  Static Charge Prevention and monitoring systems possible

10. Integrated with Metal Detectors

11. 21CFR Capabilities for Data Integrity


Drum/Sacks Filling station

Standard Sack or Drum Filling stations are able to fill from 5-50 Kg of material in a short span of time.

The semi-automatic machine allows for accurate dosing of multiple powders up to an accuracy of 10-50g.

The system can be fit with multiple dosing elements such as screws, valves, diverters or pinch valves depending on the need of the application.

A standard filling machine will consist of a feeding hopper that can be equipped with powder flow aids.

This hopper feeds the machine through the dosing element to the finished good packing box / drum.

The Liner within the drum can either be fed using the continuous liner system or pre-formed liners already placed in the box / drum.

Multiple filling head options allow the plant to be able to connect any liner they have to the filling machine in a simple two finger operation.

The robust and simple design makes the machine user friendly and ideal for food / pharmaceutical / Chemical or any powder applications.


1. Handle Bags / Boxes from 5-50Kg

2. Easy to clean and maintain.

3. PLC based Controls.

4. Multiple Filling heads ensure dust proof clamping.

5. Can be integrated with a Conveyor Belt and Dust collector as needed.

6. Stitching and Sealing optional.

7. Nitrogen Blanketing available.

8. PLC Based Control.

9. 21CFR Capabilities for Data Integrity.

10. Multiple Dosing Devices can be connected as needed.

11. Bag Vibrating and Shaking Feature available.

12. Box Forming and Liner Insertion available.


Pneumatic conveying

Powder transfer system has become one of the more popular means of transport for a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and food materials.

The gentle use of vacuum in either dilute or dense phase ensures that the powder or granulate remains within the process, as opposed to leaks or losses that are often results of positive pressure transfer systems.

The use of either dense- or dilute-phase vacuum can be applied to a wide variety of pharmaceutical operations including the loading of blenders, sifters, mills, capsule fillers, tablet presses, and even finished tablet and capsule handling without damage to the finished product.

In addition, the relatively tight space limitations in many pharmaceutical processing suites often presents a challenge in the delivery of powders or powder blends to pharmaceutical processes. Powder transfer system offers a solution to these space limitations.

Pneumatic or Vacuum conveying operations can often be incorporated directly into the secondary process in an effort to ensure a closed and leak-free operation, without any exposure of operator or product.

These additional processes include, but are not limited to: direct blender loading; inline conical screen milling or sieving; tablet press loading; granulator loading/unloading; fluid bed dryer unloading; tablet/capsule conveying; refill of screw feeders for loading of continuous processes such as granulation, mixing, milling/micronization, and extrusion; transfer direct to feeders for batch weighing or dispensing of several components in a blend.


Types of conveying

  • Lean phase or Dilute Phase:  The material is conveyed in suspension in the air through the pipeline it is referred to as dilute phase conveying. A relatively high velocity is required and so power requirements can also be high but there is virtually no limit to the range of materials that can be conveyed. It is often referred to as suspension flow because the particles are held in suspension in the air as they are blown or sucked through the pipeline.


Air Vic

  • Compact design with quick clamps, easy tool-less assembly and disassembly
  • Light weight construction allows for handling by single operator
  • Compressed air based pump allows the system to be placed in hazardous zone
  • Localized vacuum pump makes the installation activities easier
  • Touchscreen Panel makes the operation user friendly and easy to understand
  • Hygienic design makes it suitable for most Food & Pharma applications

 Bottom Valve:

  • Bomb discharge door alleviates the need for the replacing associated with conventional valve systems
  • 100% opening enables rapid discharge of material with minimal compressed air

SS Filter:

  • Stainless steel filter elements ensure the entire system can be cleaned with the desired filters for multiple products
  • Ensures no cross contamination or need to have dedicated filter for multiple products
  • Reverse pulsing of the filter assembly dislodges material during the discharge cycle



The raw materials used in plants are just like the food we eat, beverages we drink, medicines for recovery, lotions for unbroken skin.  They should be of good quality, they must be stored and handled properly, and they must not be contaminated. With that in mind, the handling of raw materials & storage will play an important role in determining a plant’s layout and equipment needs.


At Bectochem we are able to handle multiple forms of raw material be it a

1. Big Bag / FIBC

2. Drum

3. Sack

4. Barrel

1. Big Bag Discharge Station:

1.1. Big Bag Placing Device

The FIBC discharge station is used to empty out filled Big bags.

It consists of a Lifting and positioning device in the form of :

          1. Fixed / Mobile Loader / Stacker

          2. Over head crane / Mono rail

          3. Stacker


  • Simple two hand operation.
  • "Double Ring" serves as additional protection against dust leakage
  • Exchangeable inner tube for different FIBC outlets (optional)
  • De-dusting provision or with de-duster unit
  • Various diameters
  • Nitrogen Blanketing possible.
  • Can be customized to handle multiple OEL / Dust Levels


1.2. Big bag Connecting System

 The bag is lifted and placed on a resting table that can be fitted with multiple forms of manipulating devices to ensure smooth flow of powder and to empty the bag completely.

      1. Vibrating Resting Tables ensure gentle vibrations are imparted to the FIBC for easy to flow powders.

      2. Massaging Stations can be used to dislodge powders that may have agglomerated during the storage process.

      3. Pushers and Knocking arrangements can be used where the bag may need external poking

1.3. Bag Manipulating / Massaging Devices

The FIBC discharge station is used to empty out filled Big bags.

It consists of a Lifting and positioning device in the form of :

      1. Fixed / Mobile Loader / Stacker

      2. Over head crane / Mono rail

      3. Stacker

2. Sack discharge stations

Sack discharge station are designed to reduce the dust emissions or hazards/toxic during the manual process of opening and emptying sacks.Depending on the requirements, the dust can be separated by means of an integrated filter or using the plants dust collector. The operator places the bag on a  and position it on the screen situated above the discharge hopper. The cutting operation is performed and shake the empty bags. The empty bags is evacuated feed out sleeve attached on the sack discharge station, which reduces the volume of waste sheath and eliminates rejection residual dust in the bags.

Compaction Bins for Trash sacks are also available.

       1. Handle 25- 50 kg Sacks

       2. Multiple Operators can be used on the same station.

       3. In Built Metal separation and Screening systems.

       4. Bag Resting table with Grill for easier manipulation of the grill.

       5. Integrated with an infeed conveyor as needed or scissor lift.

       6. Dust Collector System ensures minimal exposure to the operator during the bag opening activity. Reverse Pulse Jet for increased filter efficiency.

       7. Easy connectivity to down stream equipment via Pneumatic pickup hoppers, ScrewFeeders also possible.

       8. De lumper option available

3. Bin Docking & Vibrating station

The Bin emptying station is used for emptying out powders from a Stainless Steel Bin / Tote.The bins are placed on the docking station by a fork lift or other lifting device. If vibration is required for discharge the bins must be locked in place with manual latches. The Bin remains on the docking station as long as the ingredient is required by the process. When changing containers you simply close the discharge valve, and, if necessary, release the locking device. Then the bins can be returned to storage.

1. Vibrating Options for poor flowing powders

2. Soft Discharge Chutes for handling fragile material and to reduce the risk of segregation during discharge.

3. Auto Docking of Valves for no manual intervention

4. Drum Handling

4.1. Loader and Tilter

The Drum loader cum Tilter offered by Bectochem allows the operator to connect a drum and move it to the desired location. Its compact design allows for movement between doors and through narrow corridors.Discharge funnel allows the operator to control the flow of powder through the valve.

The system can also be integrated with a barrier isolator for hazardous products.

1. Easy to use and saves on man and muscle power.

2. Can be designed to suit different drum sizes.

3. Compact Design for easy manipulation and movement through the plant.

4. Hydraulic lifting and Tilting mechanism can handle heavier loads.

4.2. Drum Massager

The drum massager is designed to dislodge powders that have agglomerated and formed hard lumps during transit and storage. The twin massaging arms can be manipulated for pressure and vertical location on a cyclical manner. The twin arms manipulate and crush the drum forcing the material out of the barrel. Is ideal for the use with powders like Metformin and DMA HCl.

5. Bottle Bags

“Bottle Bags” allow for the easy and contained product transfer used in correspondence with a split butterfly valve system or an equivalent system.

There are two different types of bottle bags to suit customer requirements. These products include the

        1. Pinch welded bottle bag

        2. Lap welded bag.

The bottle bag is manufactured with PE and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 5 litre capacities to 50 litre capacities with 3”, 4” & 6” attachment ferrule. The bottle bags are manufactured and produced at our certified independent cleanroom facility.


       1.  PE material.

       2.  Transparent material.

       3.  Range of sizes.

       4.  Flexible.

       5.  Gravity feed system.

       6.  Material contact compliance. 

       7.  Minimized cleaning.   


PE is utilized to provide structural integrity and is manufactured from FDA and EU food grade materials. This material complies with EU food regulations and FDA federal regulations.

        1.  EU and FDA compliant polyethylene ferrule.

        2.  Atex Compliant material.

 Bottle Bag Capacity

       1.  5 Litre Bottle Bag

       2.  10 Litre Bottle Bag

       3.  15 Litre Bottle Bag

       4.  25 Litre Bottle Bag

       5.  50 Litre Bottle Bag


  Tri clover ferrule cover.

  Lifting Handle.

  Weloc Clamp supplied with Lap welded bag. 


       1.  Charging and offloading applications.

       2.  CGMP processing. 


Transparent material allows vision of the product without exposure.

       1.  Requires less storage space than other bulk containers.

       2.  Simple to use.

       3.  Interfaces with any vessel.

       4.  Cost effective compared to expensive mechanical systems.

       5.  Eliminates waste treatment of cleaning solutions.






6. Delumper

The delumper or lump breakers are used in an inline operation at the discharge point of raw material. Delumper is the perfect solution for crushing materials that tend to form lumps. The delumper breaks the lumps that form during the production or transportation process of friable materials in powder or grain. The fast rotation of specially shaped blades through fixed stationary bars gives an efficient lump breaking action. 

 It is designed for cost-effective, rapid, in-line de-agglomerating of dry powders, or situations where high speed and high horsepower are not required. It is available in a variety of materials such as carbon steel, #304 and #316 stainless steel.

6.1. Single Drive Delumper

The delumper operates by material entering through the opening in the top. Pieces of material too large to pass through the rotating shaft pins and the stationary combing bars are crushed as the shaft weldments rotate. The material continues to be crushed until it is small enough to pass through.

6.2. Double Drive Heavy Duty Delumper

The heavy duty delumper is ideal for handling products with varying and large lump sizes.  The double crushing assembly reduces lumps from 600 mm to as fine as 1-2 mm through a screen. It has the ability to convert poor flowing lumps into free flowing powders. Its upper assembly is used to break the large lumps against a stator in the housing. The upper housing can be fit with additional crushing elements for hard to break powders. The bottom milling chamber is fitted with a  conical mill and sieve. The multiple sieve options allow for different particle sizes at the outlet of the machine. Ideal for fitting this below a semi dried application or before the infeed into a drier.


      1.  Ability to handle large lumps as big as 600 mm

      2.  In built sieve option allow a final grading of material into a powdered form.

      3.  Compact design allows for retrofitting this in existing production lines.

      4.  Additional crushing tools can be fitted to suit the powder.

      5.  Able to handle wet material as well.

      6.  Reduces the requirement for manual delumping in a single machine.

      7.  Easy access to the Milling head for screen change over and cleaning.

      8.  Available in multiple sizes.


Silos, Bins and Hoppers

Bulk material storage e.g., silos, bins, hoppers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials of construction.  Proper selection of a silo, bin, or hopper requires evaluation of many factors and in cases where basic material characteristics is to be considered.

Storage needs, measuring critical bulk material flow characteristics, selecting the appropriate hopper discharge pattern, and designing a storage vessel that will operate correctly from the start and provide a long service life.


Agitation Unit

Agitation Units or Bin Activators are used to dislodge the mass at the bottom of a silo or bulk storage container through the use of external vibrations.

For consistent discharge of powders, crystalline and granular bulk materials from Silos/hoppers. It can be used for almost all materials in the foods, plastics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The inverted Cone design agitates the powder within the silo to ensure mass flow.

The  vibration is internal and does not have an impact or hammering noise associated with it.

The flexible bellow isolates the vibration to the bottom half of the silo only and is suitable for fitting with a load cell based system.


 • Available in multiple sizes and shapes to suit existing installations

 • Flexible bellow connections isolates the vibrations to the bottom the assembly while ensuring discharge

 • Connecting studs are assembled with a special food grade rubber that is non shred and has a long operational cycle.

 • Inverted cone ensures mass flow.



The Vibrators are par­ticularly suitable for conveying, compacting and detach­ing of bulk solids due to perfectly linear vibrations. They reach optimum results in emptying of bins or as drives for vibrating conveyors

They generate an extremely high impact force and they are particularly suitable for use with silos, hoppers and pipings to avoid the formation of crusts, bridges or rat holes.


• High impact force

• Limited air consumption

• Lubrication not essential

• Flameproof / Non Flameproof


• Pneumatic conveying pipes, silos and hoppers

• Filter cleaning




Pneumatic Knockers are suitable for a wide range of applications to assist product discharge from hoppers and silos.

Products that are not free-flowing can often require mechanical assistance to get them flowing at the required rate. In many cases this needs a mechanical solution such as a Pneumatic knocker which is mounted to the vessel and impacts directly on the sloping wall. Suitable for knocking stubborn residue from walls, pipes and containers.

In applications where it is less desirable to penetrate the storage vessel, a knocker is the best solution to aid flow of powdered products.

Aeration Pads

Aeration pads fluidization devices to assist powder flow from silos, hoppers and vessels, as well as in convey lines. Units may be designed to inject a layer of air between the product and vessel walls, to aerate the powder itself so that it flows like a liquid or to dislodge product build up using high velocity air blasters.

Most Aeration devices can be supplied in alternative arrangements, such as food grade, dairy or pharmaceutical grade, demountable for inspection and cleaning, and for high temperature.


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